Psiphon 3 apk Psiphon 91 & Handler 100 Apk Download

Psiphon 3 apk Latest Version psiphon 91 , previous version of Psiphon are Psiphon 115, Psiphon 114, Psiphon 100 handler

What if you are on a very important research project, you are not able to find enough data on the internet, as your work is new and the websites on which you can find the desired data is not accessible in your country?

Many times it happens that when we are surfing an option on the bottom of the Google search page shows that some content is hidden as it is stated as illegal in your country.

This illegal states that the pages or the websites are blocked by our government or by our service provider. Many times we miss some important information because of this lag.

Read all instructions features carefully download links and google drive link are added at the end of the post but before downloading you must check all sections carefully

Psiphon 3/Psiphon 91/ 115 Apk Features

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This lag can be overruled by using an app called Psiphon 3.

This app has been specially developed for accessing such blocked or censored websites. You do not want to do something illegal but what if the blocked website actually useful? At this time this app would be extremely helpful and it would solve your problem.

The working of this app is very simple, it will utilize VPN, HTTP, and SSN proxy servers to open the blocked websites. The app client will try to reach new access points in order open the blocked websites.

The app does not provide online security. By using this app, you can open any website you want but it is not necessary that the app would not use your personal information elsewhere.

It just increases your chances to open the desired blocked website and it cannot assure you the privacy of your searched content. This might be a bit risky but if anyhow your search is not private than it might not be an issue for you. READ  Drift Max Pro Mod Apk Download Hack Drift Max Pro

File Name : com.psiphon3.91.apk
App Version : 91
Version Code : 92
Install Size : 5.05 MB (5,290,746 Byte)
Version Date : October 21, 2015
Uploaded : October 21, 2015 10:10 PM Access Everything on the Open Internet with Psiphon Video Tutorial

Psiphon Features How it Can Help You Free for personal use.

• Easy to download and install. No registration, subscription, or configuration required.

• Automatic selection of protocols to provide effective, reliable circumvention every time.

• View how much traffic you have used with in­app stats tracking.

• Featured on

• Psiphon is an open­source project subject to credible security auditing and open review.

To find our source code and design documents, visit the project homepage:

Psiphon 3 download

The downloading of this app can be successfully achieved on Android smartphones as well as Windows PC.

Earlier it was required to root your Android smartphones. Rooting your phone would give you all the rights to access any area of your phone, such as /data and /storage.Now No root access is required

Access to these files would increase your chances of changing or installing any data. But these days, the updates version of Psiphon 3 does not require a rooted phone and can work on unrooted smartphones.

Psiphon 3  91 on Android Install

Psiphon 3 , 4 & 5 Install On Android

It might be very easy to surf for your research topic when you are traveling as this would help you to complete your work along with utilizing your time. Keeping this point in mind, download the app on Android smartphones would be very helpful.

This app is available on Google play store but as this app helps to open blocked websites, it is not free. You can find this app on an in-purchase section of Google play store and Google charges ₹66.99 to ₹1799.

Paying this much for the app makes us quiet thoughtful. After downloading the apk file from this app you need to install it. After installation, you would be given as option choose the servers for whom you want proxy such as VPN, SSH etc. READ  Dungeon Maker Apk Free Download For Android | Unlimited Mod

Moreover, you can increase your internet speed along with viewing the speed with the help of this app. There are many other features, which are listed below. Psiphon 3 , 4 & 5 App Features

Provides super fast internet.

You can view your data usage and track your usage.

It is an open proxy server and can work on unrooted devices.

It can open blocked websites anywhere anytime.

After experiencing this many features on your Android smartphone, you would like to use it on your windows PC also. This is also possible with the help of some websites.

Psiphon Handler 100

How can we install psiphon 100 handler apk
Just follow these steps to install Psiphon handler in your android phone
1. Just download it from the given link
2. Click on it after downloading
3. If it show this error which is given in screen shots then just click on the settings and check the button unknown source and then save it
4. Then just install it
5. Enjoy the pisphon handler 100 apk
click here to download free pisphon 100 handler apk

Psiphon Pro App Apk Download

There are a iffrent version of Psiphon po app apk i am providing list of all apk to download.

Download Now

   Download Psiphon 91

Psiphon 115 Apk Download


Psiphon 3 on PC

The usage of this app on windows PC is quiet simple and flexible as .exe files of the app are easily available on internet.

The above mentioned sites would also provide for the files. This app can help you to access censored websites from your PC also. To use all the features of this app on PC, you may have to download the paid version.

Hence, the use of this app is very fruitful as it gives access to the website through a private tunnel that utilizes private tunnel protocols to reach the restricted websites. This app can help your to access the restrictions of your country at any time from any part of your country.

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