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Mayweather hasn't competed since scoring a 10th round knockout against Conor McGregor in August 2017 in a blockbuster showdown between the boxer and mixed martial arts' biggest star.

Floyd Mayweather will fight Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa on New Year's Eve in Saitama in a mixed martial arts bout.

Since defeating Conor McGregor in a boxing ring previous year, Floyd Mayweather has continuously teased participating in a mixed martial arts fight, regularly suggesting he would take on McGregor in a rematch or set a bout with Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Floyd Mayweather has announced he is coming out of retirement again.

"I'm not really anxious about the weight class or rules - it's about me displaying my skills against another skilful fighter".

Nasukawa, who is unbeaten in 27 kickboxing fights and four MMA bouts, has won various titles in the flyweight (125lb) and bantamweight (135lb) divisions, which raises obvious questions about the contracted weight for the fight: Mayweather hasn't fought below the 147lb division since his 2005 fight with Arturo Gatti.

Mayweather is expected to pocket another multi-million dollar fortune from his December 31 contest at the Saitama Super Arena, in which he revealed the shock news at a press conference overnight.

Nasukawa, for his part, is relishing the chance to fight with Mayweather, admitting his surprise when he was offered the opportunity. It is unclear what rules be in place when Mayweather and the undefeated Nasukawa enter the ring, but Mayweather has indicated that he is in the midst of determining this with the promotion company, Rizin FF. Rizin's president Nobuyuki Sakakibara announced that the fight is likely to occur using "special rules".

Mayweather, who makes it a point to regularly bring up how much money he will make for his fights, did not discuss his pay for the event. "I want to give the people what they want - blood, sweat and tears". "I would probably say this is my biggest event in life so far and I'm very happy this is going to materialize".

"And I would like to be the man who makes history".

"I have fought in the USA for all 50 of my fights".