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Originally, the couple had kept the cash locked away in a filing cabinet - but once they had squirreled away $1,060, they placed the cash in an envelope and set it on the counter so they would do not forget to deliver it to Ben's parents.

After searching for the cash they began to worry that the $1000 may have gone out with the rubbish when Jackee finally found it inside the shredder.

The last place you want to find a missing envelope full of money is in your shredder.

Immediately, Jackee Belnap said, they knew Leo was the culprit.

Leo Belnap is one such 2-year-old.

A two year-old boy accidentally shredded $1,060 of cash his parents had spent over a year saving for football season tickets. When the envelope disappeared, they realized it had been shredded.

"We pulled that money out on Sunday to go take it to pay for our season tickets", said Ben.

After the initial shock, Ben was able to see the amusing side and shared a picture of little Leo and the pile of torn-up dreams on Twitter. The process could take up to two years.

"We were silent for about five minutes and just sorted money out and then I broke the silence and said, 'this will make a great wedding story someday, '" said Jackee. "You can't say we just laughed", Jackee corrected with a smile. Ben Belnap told KSL they contacted the Treasury Department with questions, and were told to send the remains of the money Washington in Ziploc Baggies.

'Your money is important, ' the agency said on their website.

The football fan decided he wanted to pay them back for their kind gesture, and after a year of saving, he and his wife Jackee reached their goal of $1,060.

Understandably Leo has been banned from the shredder.