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The shooting happened at Butler High School in Matthews, N.C., approximately a 25-minute drive southeast of Charlotte, N.C.

Investigators have the weapon that was used, and they were able to review surveillance footage of the shooting, which took place during a "fight between the two students", according to Matthews Police Department Capt. Stason Tyrrell.

Another student has been taken into custody, police said.

Police have arrested ninth-grader Jatwan Craig Cuffie and charged him as an adult with first-degree murder.

Wilcox said the schools don't have metal detectors and students aren't searched when they enter the building.

Wilcox said that many students witnessed the shooting, and counsellors and psychologists were available. During the same press conference, Clayton Wilcox, the school superintendent, said that the shooting occurred in a hallway just after 7 a.m. after Cuffie and the victim had a disagreement.

Hundreds of people gathered by the Butler High School flagpole Monday evening for a vigil in memory of sophomore Bobby McKeithen, who was shot inside the school Monday morning. The lockdown at the school was lifted around 9:15 a.m. "As we get more information it is critical that we come together to do everything in our power to prevent these incidents from happening and keep guns out of our schools". The Observer report adds that many parents descended on the school, demanding their children be allowed to leave. What makes it doubly hard is that it was one of our students who was the shooter, ' he said.

Wilcox defended keeping the students in class, explaining that the school wanted to ensure students could be safely transported home.

"Everyone at that time that was in 500 hall like me, and saw what happened, (I know) that you were in fear for your life as well", she said.

"The first thing that I did was feel guilty", she said. Parents were told they could pick up their children from the campus, the district said.

Classes did proceed on campus for students not retrieved by their parents.