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Some PlayStation 4 users are reporting that they are receiving a message from an unknown party that is essentially "bricking" their consoles. If you did it right, your PlayStation 4 should restart correctly and you should have access to all of your games and save data.

Several users congregated on a Reddit thread, sharing a very similar story: A user would receive a message from someone, and after a moment several functions of their console would stop working.

Whether they opened it or not - it didn't matter.

Thankfully, some Reddit users found there's a relatively simple way to fix your PlayStation 4 if you received the viral message, without needing to perform a factory reset.

"Trigz34th and bj19501067bj the two players who used this exploit initially are now nearly diamonds on Rainbow Six from using this exploit".

While this is a particularly malicious exploit on its own, many users have reported that the bug is being weaponized by players looking to get ahead in competitive games who then send the offending text to shut down the consoles of opposing players.

If you have been affected by the hack, we would advise you to factory reset through safe mode by turning off your console and holding down the power button for some time until it beeps twice.

Delete the malicious message from the PlayStation mobile app. You can check messages from Sony PS4's messaging app that can be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

According to an email received by VG247, the company is "aware of the situation and are planning a system software update to resolve this problem". In the meantime, it's probably best doing what Huntstark said. Go to Account Management in the Settings Menu, and the option is under Privacy Settings.

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