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"The Opera House case is a flashpoint, because it throws into broad daylight what normally happens in the dark", he added - namely, the fact that a huge amount of political influence in this country can be bought by powerful corporations, who many politicians end up working for after their political careers are done. "But if they're going to, they may as well give Victoria a plug".

Protester Joshua Richardson, 19, said he had no problem with the Opera House being lit up in the "right context" but said this illumination was "horrible".

Perhaps the most provocative image used by Andrews to fuel the so-called "rivalry" between the cities was the Victorian state government logo - in Labor Party red - superimposed onto the sails.

A protest is being planned for when the projection takes place, at 8pm on Tuesday night.

The ongoing drama about projecting a Racing NSW ad onto the sails of the Sydney Opera House might be starting to seem like a bit of a storm in a teacup at this point.

"I hear what people have said about what they want to see the Opera House used for and what they don't want to see it used for".

Some shouted "shame on you" as they shone torches and other light sources at the building.

Protesters sought to obscure a promotion for a horse racing event called The Everest, after the state of New South Wales' government strong-armed its way into ensuring the projection on the building would take place.

It falls in the middle of Melbourne's marquee Spring Racing Carnival, a strategic move by Racing NSW who have ambitions to drag money and attention from Victoria.

In a dramatic turn yesterday, Racing NSW suspended all betting for the $13 million race from noon and announced the barrier draw would be conducted in confidence.

The decision to cancel the live draw came hours after broadcaster Alan Jones publicly apologised for his on-air treatment of the Opera House chief executive. Racing NSW boss Peter V'Landys says, however, that Jones has "absolutely no financial interest" in the Everest.

Meantime, Jones still got his way, the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian is still Jones' puppet and Louise Herron is now a role-model to all Australians for standing up to this politically motivated fuckwits.