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According to a report in the New York Times, the fight began when, after going to see a UB40 concert in 1985, Kavanaugh and his friends mistook a man in a CT bar for the band's lead singer, Ali Campbell.

Mr Kavanaugh allegedly threw ice at him. Cozzolino also alleged Kavanaugh's former basketball player friend Chris Dudley threw a glass that struck him in the ear, causing him to bleed. That man was treated for his injuries at the local hospital.

Over the weekend, Chad Ludington, a college professor, said that he would deliver a statement to the Federal Bureau of Investigation field office in Raleigh, North Carolina, claiming that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh lied when he testified before Congress that he was not a heavy drinker.

Ludington said he felt it was his civic duty to tell of his experience drinking with Kavanaugh, and said in his statement he is going to take his information to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Ludington said Kavanaugh cursed in return and threw his beer at the man, triggering the fight.

The President also hit out at Senate Democrats who questioned the integrity of his Supreme Court nominee.

Ludington suggested that what he knew about Kavanaugh and had seen over the past week does not jibe with what is acceptable behavior for a federal judge: "I do not believe that the heavy drinking or even loutish behavior of an 18- or even 21-year-old should condemn a person for the rest of his life".

Ludington claimed Kavanaugh became "often belligerent and aggressive" when he drank.

While Bazelon and Ben Protess wrote Kavanaugh was "not arrested", she speculated on Twitter Monday night that there was "no report of an arrest" and it "could have been expunged".

There were, apparently, no arrests, and no charges filed.

"The guy swung at Brett", Ludington said.

Chad Ludington told NBC News that he was going to the Federal Bureau of Investigation on Monday to give them information about Kavanaugh's drunken behavior when they were classmates at Yale University. After attending the performance of UB40 in New Haven, Connecticut, Kavanaugh and his friends saw a man they believed to resemble the lead singer Ali Campbell.

"If there's 10 people that they interview that say he drank to the point where he couldn't stand up or he was intoxicated to the point where he passed out, that will go to his credibility for honesty and integrity", Stuber said.

And speaking at an event hosted by The Atlantic magazine, Trump ally Senator Lindsey Graham of SC said he "didn't particularly like" the president's remarks, adding, "I would tell him, knock it off".

According to a report in the New York Times, Kavanaugh was once questioned by police due to his involvement in a bar brawl that left one of the participants injured and hospitalized. Brett drank and I drank. "God, I hope you never get it".

"He had a little bit of difficulty, he talked about things that happened when he drank", Mr Trump said.