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Hatice Cengiz says she waited for hours for her fiancee, Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, outside of the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul.

Anadolu said the Saudi prosecutor would inspect the Saudi consulate in Istanbul where Khashoggi was killed almost four weeks ago. "I want justice to be served not only for those who murdered Jamal but those who ordered his murder".

There are reports that the journalist was about to disclose details of Saudi Arabia's use of banned chemical weapons in its imposed war on Yemen days before he was killed.

The killing of Khashoggi and Saudi Arabia's shifting explanations for what happened after he entered the kingdom's consulate in Istanbul on October 2 have focused attention on Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman's missteps and raised questions among critics about whether he's fit to succeed his father, King Salman.

Khashoggi, who had become a frequent critic of the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, was in the consulate to obtain papers for his planned marriage.

Turkish prosecutors have prepared a request for the extradition from Saudi Arabia of 18 suspects who were arrested by Riyadh as part of the investigation. "I am, however, disappointed in the actions of the leadership in many countries, particularly in the US".

"Let's not let money taint our conscience and compromise our values".

British parliamentarian Crispin Blunt said the murder was "a very profound moment" that would silence Saudi society completely unless the government changed direction in order to "do penance for this appalling atrocity".

Saudi Arabia is leading a Western-backed alliance of Sunni Muslim Arab states trying to restore the internationally recognised government of Yemeni President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi, who was ousted from the capital Sanaa by the Iran-aligned Houthis in 2015.

Cengiz said she had not been contacted by Crown Prince Mohammed or the Saudi Royal family, nor offered any condolences by them.

Saudi officials characterize the killing as a rogue operation carried out by Saudi agents who exceeded their authority.

She said the West is considered a stronghold of human rights and democracy so it should stand up to the killers of her husband-to-be.

Prince Mohammed has denounced the murder as "repulsive" and strongly denied any involvement.

"I am deeply grateful for the solidarity of people all over the world", Cengiz said.

Turkish officials have said the journalist was tortured and killed on the consulate premises and that his body was then removed.

"No foreign leader who is not enslaved to Saudi Arabia financially would dare to be seen standing next to him", Whitson said.

Asked Monday what action the USA has taken nearly four weeks after Khashoggi's disappearance, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters that "the administration is considering what action we'll take moving forward" after Haspel gathered more intelligence and briefed the president.

"I believe the Saudi regime knows where his body is", she told the audience at the service, sponsored by the Middle East Monitor and Al Sharq Forum.