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Mental Health has always been a topic of low discussion.

Theresa May will announce an annual "state of the nation" report on young people's mental health and reveal Tory MP Jackie Doyle-Price as the first-ever suicide prevention minister. In this age group, bodily changes, hormonal changes, changing social standing and a maturing mind contribute to complex challenges when it comes to mental health parameters.

Half of mental illness begins by the age of 14, and statistics due out later this year are expected to show levels far higher than has previously been recorded.

Dr Bente Mikkelsen, Director of the Division of Noncommunicable Diseases and Promoting Health through the Life-course at WHO/Europe, states, "It is important to protect the younger generations as they are the future leaders". It also provides a nine-step conclusion, with advice for employers on creating a mentally healthy workplace. "This Unit, although based at the Alexandra Hospital, runs a community-based programme, which manages clients in communities and clinics, which are held at its hospital location".

Meanwhile, Health Secretary Matt Hancock is hosting the first ever Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit in London, attended by ministers and representatives from over 50 countries as well as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Dr Richard Horton, editor-in-chief of The Lancet journal, said: "The Commission calls out the shameful and shocking treatment of people with mental ill health around the world". "I spoke earlier of the impact of illicit substances on the mental health of our adolescents, as well as the issues of puberty and relationships on our adolescent population".

Closer home, The National is exploring the pressures of mental health that young people face in the UAE.

Mental health conditions range from depression and anxiety to bipolar disorder and schizophrenia.

"We need to make mental health much more of a priority, given that the need for this is so palpable".

Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC), in partnership with Weyak - Mental Health Friends Association - to coincide with World Mental Health Day, has joined to run a variety of activities, events, and seminars across Doha.

"It only takes a major life stressor, for example, for anyone of us or our family members to be affected", she said.

The numbers speak for themselves: when one in six of us will experience a mental health problem in the workplace, only a quarter of manager have received any sort of mental health training, and when 90% of us still feel like there is a taboo around mental health, it's clear that we need to act.

Research has also found around 75 per cent of mental health disorders appear by the age of 24, while over the last decade nearly five times as many students have disclosed a mental health condition to their university compared to ten years ago. Some of us thrive under a bit of pressure, others find it hard to mange their anxiety; some people can't find a way to escape from their low mood but don't feel they can talk about it and therefore avoid seeking help.

"It shows a lot of foresight and guts because we can be a feisty bunch, but everyone put their own territories aside and had a frank discussion about where the gaps were and where our efforts could make a real difference", Professor Kay-Lambkin said.