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McLaren has officially unveiled one of the most highly-anticipated cars of 2018 - the new Speedtail.

There are several other sentences ending in "McLaren ever" to consider, too. The seat is trimmed in a new kind of leather, created to allow people to slide effortlessly across its bolsters without compromising the way they're held in place under heavy g-forces.

Aiding the flowing design is a distinct lack of wing mirrors, which have been replaced by high-definition cameras that pop out of the carbon-fibre body work as required, beaming their image onto two screens in the cabin. Even the front wheels are covered by carbonfibre aero plates.

If that's not space-age enough for you, McLaren plundered another bright idea straight from NASA itself. Don't expect the two passengers to be spaciously comfortable, but they shouldn't be throng together either.

Highlight of the bodywork is the patented active rear ailerons that operate without the need of a shutline.

The Speedtail has been built around a bespoke McLaren monocoque carbon fibre structure and the use of carbon fibre doesn't end there.

2019 McLaren Speedtail images leak

Some will likely keep their Speedtails in Europe, but for the rest the only way to get their new toy delivered stateside is through the Show or Display exemption.

A speed of 250mph is achieved in a unique "Velocity" mode, which has been developed specifically for the Speedtail. To put this into context, McLaren's previous Ultimate Series hybrid, the manic P1, could reach this speed in 16.5 seconds. The body is carbon fiber, the suspension is aluminum and the brakes are carbon ceramic.

Technically speaking, the new hypercar doesn't meet US regulations to be road legal.

Like the F1, these are set back and fused directly to the tub. That's another homage to the F1, which had a similar set-up - allowing the driver to sit centrally for the best and most natural view out. Top speed is 250 miles per hour - exceeding the F1's 243 miles per hour.

The McLaren Speedtail is priced at around $2.24 million plus taxes, with the entire inventory already sold, and scheduled to be officially unveiled on Friday, October 26.

Despite the impressive performance and advanced aero features, the McLaren Speedtail isn't billed as a track auto. That said, a third of the run was sold to American customers, meaning those that bring the auto here will need to apply for a show and display exemption. The manufacturer could have shifted three times that number, of course, but that's the amount of F1s it sold from '93 to '98 - and with its fastest, most ambitious road vehicle ever, it's clearly gunning for a similarly vaunted place in history.