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The "Bodak Yellow" rapper fired back after Nicki's revealing "Queen Radio" episode in which she made bold claims about her and Cardi's now-infamous New York Fashion Week altercation and more.

Nicki Minaj claims Cardi B doesn't show her "respect", yet Cardi B claims that's all she has done since she was a teenager listening to Nicki's music in school.

On her show, while 35-year-old Nicki called for an end to the fued, she also slammed her rival for making her "look like a bad person", after her sister Hennessey accused the "Super Bass" hitmaker of leaking Cardi's phone number. Let's keep it positive and keep it pushing'. "How convenient." Cardi said in a sarcastic drawl. Their Shakespearean-level quarrel, which played out for weeks, culminated into a massive, shoe-flinging Fashion Week fracas last month, but their new plea for positivity is, at the very least, a step toward heel-free territory. She subsequently added that she would be willing to pay anybody who comes forward with the surveillance footage $100,000. Cardi has amped up her security, but she is really considering canceling her plans to celebrate Halloween altogether'. [Cardi] does not change for anybody, and she definitely is not going to change who she is because of Nicki.

The girls screengrabbed a chat, timestamped July 24, that appeared to prove they went to Nicki with the song first, not Cardi. I'm with whatever. But I'm sick and exhausted of that back and forth s***. We can talk about it, or we can fight it out.

"For people who don't know, Rah Ali beat Cardi's a** really bad", she explained.

And as soon as Nicki saw what she thought was Jade's support, she tweeted again to say: 'Btch Jade from Little Mix said KNOTTTTTT on my watch (sic)'. I was fine with leaving everything good.

Not only that, but Nicki said that video evidence backed up her claims in regards to the brouhaha in the Big Apple - and she offered to pay $100,000 for someone to come forward with the footage.

"I swear to God on my life, Rah held her head and punched her, like, eight, 10 times". "Why would I be here sitting and lying... knowing that the next day there would be so much footages of that same night?" she asks.