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"Thank you all for joining us today for this important discussion", Baldwin intoned in the Cold Open.

Kanye West took a break from family time in Africa to get in touch with the world via social media once again, and his objective was to speak out against mind control. and oddly, social media.

In the sketch, West, played by Chris Redd, delivers a wide-ranging, unstructured monologue to the President, played by fan-favorite Alec Baldwin. View the clip and judge for yourself.

"Let me begin with the idea that time is a myth", Redd's West began, and was very soon confessing that he's a prisoner in another dimension.

West also reminded the haters that not everything's what it seems: "Social media told you that people didn't like me, but everybody loves me".

Anyone who saw footage of Kanye West's meeting at the White House with Donald Trump knows 45 didn't really say much.

Trump then attempts to create rapport with the two, saying they are "real Chicago types, if you know what I mean", to "oohs" from the audience. "He's the black me!"

In the skit, Mr. Baldwin as Mr. Trump thinks to himself, "This guy might be cuckoo".

As the West character went off on a somewhat incoherent rant, the Trump character said to himself: "This guy might be coocoo".

"Oh, my lord, what have I gotten myself into?"

Comedian Dave Chappelle called President Trump's rhetoric "repugnant" in an interview on Saturday and said he represents a small amount of the American public. "I've got a big brain and I've got the best words".