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Reports in Pakistani media have also alleged that Indian forces opened fire at the helicopter as it reached close to the Line of Control (LoC).

The civilian chopper was reportedly carrying PoK "Prime Minister" Raja Farooq Haider and was in the Indian airspace for about couple of minutes drawing prompt response from the Indian side as three forward posts opened firing targeting the chopper but, according to sources, it wasn't hit as it was flying high.

India and Pakistan both claim the Himalayan territory in full.

The Pakistani media has claimed that the helicopter carrying the "Prime Minister" of Pakistan-occupied-Kashmir, Raja Farooq Haider, did not violate Indian airspace.

Khan said his helicopter was not armed.

Pakistan's new Prime Minister Imran Khan also offered an olive branch to India upon taking office in mid-August, promising to fix ties, but in recent weeks relations have frayed again amid high-profile diplomatic clashes.

Though the colour and the shape of the copter made its civilian nature easily discernible but Indian soldiers probably mistook it for a military craft and sprang into action, that too while it was flying in Pakistani airspace.

This comes even as Indian authorities said on Sunday that the helicopter had entered 250 metre inside Indian airspace near the LoC.

Reports said Pakistan has admitted that pilot of the chopper was at fault as he deviated from the prescribed route on the LoC, resulting into violation of Indian airspace. The white-coloured chopper came 700 meters inside the Indian Territory and was immediately retaliated by troops with small arms fire. "The air sentries at forward location had engaged it with small arms", spokesman Lt Col Devender Anand said.

The incident is likely to further worsen relations between the two belligerent neighbours, who have fought two of their three wars over Kashmir.

The incident of airspace violation has come a day after External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj addressed the 73rd edition of United Nations General Assembly and said Pakistan is skilled in promoting terrorism.

Qureshi reiterated Pakistan's principled stance of continuing to extend diplomatic support to the Kashmiris in their struggle for right to self determination.

Just an hour before the chopper incident on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in his monthly radio programme, issued a warning to Pakistan.

"We do not want any war hysteria in this region", he said.