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The sixth season of the popular game is kicking off, and Epic Games dropped a Halloween themed trailer to announce the new changes.

Breast physics aside, Fortnite also launched Season 6 today, and breast physics weren't this season's only problems. These areas have a couple of chests and shadow stones players can use to transform into shadows.

The official Fortnite Twitter account issued the following statement, "Due to an issue with Shadow Stones, we're disabling them until we have a fix". Remember, this will give you a free tier in your Battle Pass to snatch it up when you have the chance. You can't use your weapon when you're invisible, but you can use your primary fire button to phase through objects. (Speaking of which, you can now choose custom controller bindings.) Since it's a consumable, it's gone once you've activated it, so you'll need another if you want to enter Shadow Form again. Changes have happened all over the map, glide in to find all of them now. They'll even react to your encounters, so keep an eye out for special interactions as you play. While there isn't an obvious link between the two, both images seem to be reflected in the side of "Kevin", the mysterious purple cube that has been travelling across Fortnite's map causing havoc throughout Season 5. You might say that it's. not set in stone.

As we've seen in past seasons, what we have right now at the start of Season 6 is now how the map will look by the end of this 10-week season. Furthermore, the pitch of their footsteps will rise and fall according to how close they are to you. Kotaku reports how players have noticed the new Calamity skin in the game has an "undeniable jiggle" when the character performs the jubilation emote. So in order to encourage players to confront each other, this mode gradually shrinks the perimeter of the playable area until conflict is pretty much unavoidable. Thankfully, it's not too out of the way so you won't waste a lot of time obtaining it. Epic Games has teased players with a castle for a long time, and it's finally made it to the game.