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"We're going to take care of Venezuela, if he's here and he wants to meet, it was not on my mind, it was not on my plate, but if I can help people that's what I'm here for", Trump stated on Wednesday.

"The people working in the State Department on Venezuela know the danger of giving Maduro the legitimacy of an empty photo op with the president", said Geoff Ramsey, a Venezuela expert with the Washington Office on Latin America, a Washington-based think tank.

U.S. President Donald Trump said earlier in the day he's willing to meet with Maduro if it would help ease suffering in the South American nation.

Separately, a group of Latin American nations will present a complaint in NY on Wednesday against the Maduro administration for alleged human rights abuses to be investigated by the International Criminal Court, officials said.

The countries accuse Venezuela of several crimes including murder, torture and unjust imprisonment.

In his telling, the country's deep social and economic crises were being exaggerated in order to pave the way for a military invasion in the name of delivering humanitarian aid.

On Tuesday, the United States announced sanctions on four current or former officials: Maduro's wife and former attorney general Cilia Flores, Vice President Delcy Rodríguez, Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino, and Communications Minister Jorge Rodríguez. "The failure of leadership in Venezuela is of concern not just to us but to leaders in the region".

"I bring the truth of a country that has not surrendered, a historic people that resisted colonial empires in centuries past, I bring the voice of a people who have the honor of being the birthplace of the Liberator Simón Bolívar", Maduro said addressing world leaders attending the 73rd UNGA session.

The new sanctions indicate that the United States is less interested in negotiating Maduro's exit from power than it is in forcing his departure by pressuring and politically isolating him.

However, it remained unclear whether the two leaders would meet, despite Trump's earlier statement.

"All options are on the table, every one - strong ones and the less than strong ones - and you know what I mean by strong", he added. The situation has triggered a mass migration of Venezuelan nations to neighboring countries.

On Tuesday, Trump suggested that Maduro could be toppled by his own military as the U.S stepped up financial pressure by slapping the socialist president's inner circle with fresh sanctions.

"Today we're stronger than ever", a buoyant Maduro said on a flight from Caracas.

"I think the message is that the situation in Venezuela is catastrophic", Trudeau told reporters at a press conference on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly meeting in NY.

Once landing in the lion's den, Maduro met with two men who symbolize adversarial relations with the United States - Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. "Anytime I can save lives and help people, (even) if it's one life".

At the General Assembly, members were taking turns to speak out on pressing world issues and their national priorities in world affairs.