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Out of the blue, Sony has revealed the brand new PlayStation Classic - a mini console variant that works in exactly the same way as Nintendo's very own NES and SNES Classic consoles.

On the eve of this year's Tokyo Game Show, Sony took the wraps off what will likely be its biggest hardware launch of 2018: the PlayStation Classic. The console will come at a fairly hefty price of $99, and comes with two classic-styled PlayStation controllers, an HDMI cable, and a power cable.

The $99.99 Sony PlayStation Classic console comes pre-installed with 20 titles and will be released on December 3. Like the Sega and Atari mini-consoles, these should be easier to get your hands on than the limited supply NES or SNES classics. Sony wants a piece of that action, and it just unveiled a brand new console that will hit stores by Christmas. Alongside the aforementioned two, the console will also come packed with Ridge Racer Type 4, Wild Arms, and Jumping Flash. As with those machines, the PlayStation Classic will not be able to download further titles.

The Sony PlayStation Classic price in the United States has been set at $99.99 (roughly Rs. 7,300).

"It changed everything", said games journalist Chella Ramanan about the original PlayStation.

As well as featuring numerous original games players will have two controllers based on the original pre-DualShock model.

The other mistake Sony made is actually quite laughable - there is no AC adaptor in the box!

With the classic, Sony is taking a page from Nintendo's playbook.

Full details on the release can be found here, which will be updated with more of the list of games.

Despite huge advances in video-game technology, retro gaming continues to be popular with nostalgic fans who perhaps don't have the time or energy to plough 100 hours into the latest blockbusting open-world adventure.