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On Thursday, members of a specialized dive team with the Federal Bureau of Investigation will search the Rankin Park Lake, located near where Ritch disappeared on Saturday, according to WBTV.

"I started worrying once I could not see him anyone", Ritch said. "And then he went into a major sprint after that and that's when I took off after him". The father said he is a diabetic and because he has neuropathy in his feet, he has trouble running. He has blonde hair, blue eyes and was last seen wearing black shorts and an orange shirt with "I'm the Man" printed on the front.

The Gastonia Chief of Police said that since Saturday, 260 law enforcement investigators, agents, analysts and other personnel have been working around the clock to find Maddox. "You should not take away anything from that, except understand that law enforcement, we will not take anything for granted", he said.

He said his son often runs ahead of him, but would usually slow down and stop to give his father time to catch up.

This is the Gastonia Police Department calling with an important message.

A part-time city worker at the park ended up calling 911 for the police to help in the search.

"He likes running, ' Ritch said of his son".

"It didn't look as though, they were that concerned", Foxx said of the boy's father and his girlfriend to CBS News. He said his condition may have kept him from catching his son, he said. I thought we would have found him and there was no reason to call police until that time period.

Waiting for his son to be found remains hard. "I'm not eating, not sleeping".

"It hit me as a mom, initially", Iseah said. "There was also a male jogger nearby that we haven't been able to identify, and we would like to talk with him as well".

Helton added: "If you live near the park, we are asking that you search the areas around your homes for any clues to find Maddox". Gastonia Police Chief Robert Helton said a part-time park employee reported Maddox missing.

"You would not believe the number of times we've been over and over the same areas", Gastonia Fire Chief Phil Welch said.

"We don't want another hour to pass before we find him and bring him home", Helton said this week.

"There is no sense of accomplishment today", Welch said.

They're using specialized underwater equipment to scan the park's lake and are also looking to speak with the jogger and another man seen loading a kayak into a truck at the park on Saturday.

Police said they've followed more than 150 leads, spoken to hundreds of people and searched thousands of acres - and have found no sign of the boy.

On Tuesday, the extensive search for Maddox included a landfill just a few miles away from where the 6-year-old was last seen.

The women had just started putting up the balloons when they learned Ritch had been found. Rebekah Marshburn is pregnant with a baby daughter, who is due in three weeks. "It makes me nervous just thinking about where he is now", Ritch said.