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Olivia Newton-John was in attendance on Australian news program Sunday Night, and while there, she revealed that the doctors had found a tumor at her spine's base, meaning that she is once again battling cancer.

When asked whether she was anxious about the cancer, she defiantly responded: "I believe I will win over it, and that's my goal".

Newton-John, 69, first fought breast cancer in the 1990s. She had been in remission since her second time fighting breast cancer in 2013. "I am one of millions in this journey. I truly believe it will be like last time and I will go on with my life". There are moments, I'm human.

Newton-John is now treating her cancer with a combination of natural treatments.

She told Sunday Night she initially believed it was a due to the strain of her seat belt, before scans revealed it was the return of the breast cancer she had beaten two decades earlier.

ET exclusively spoke with Newton-John in February, where she opened up about battling cancer a second time.

Olivia revealed she was involved in a minor auto accident five years ago which led to the discovery of a lump on her back, and whilst she originally thought it was caused by the strain of her seatbelt during the collision, subsequent scans revealed the lump was actually the return of breast cancer.

During an interview with CNN in 2017, Newton-John said she was grateful to still be able to sing and perform after so many years and thanked her fans. She underwent a partial mastectomy and six months of treatment. "I see it as part of my mission maybe".

In addition to changing her diet and cutting out sugar, she has undergone radiation therapy and is taking cannabis oil for the pain.

Newton-John chose to keep the cancer diagnosis private at the time.

'[My husband] makes me tinctures and they really help with the pain, they help with sleep, so I am very lucky I live in a state where [cannabis] is legal and also that I have a husband that's a plant medicine man. "I'm doing really well". "I have a wonderful husband, I have all the animals I adore, I have an incredible career".