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Florence is the sixth named storm and the third hurricane of the Atlantic Hurricane season. Florence will remain a tropical storm/weak hurricane this weekend and because of this weaker storm and resulting southerly track, it will likely miss the trough and continue west.

Friday afternoon, Florence had been downgraded to a tropical storm, but strengthening is expected over the weekend.

The storm, which decreased to a Category 2 hurricane from a Category 4 overnight, moved slightly south since yesterday's predictions, spinning 105 miles per hour winds. If Florence was a category 3+ hurricane through the weekend, it would have maintained a further north track and therefore been steered out to sea from the trough passing to it's north this weekend.

We are now in the climatological peak of hurricane season for the north Atlantic, and the ocean's temperatures have become much more conducive to storm production in recent weeks. Over the next three days, it should head west, then get turned more to the northwest by a mid-level ridge. He went on to caution residents along the U.S. East Coast that it was too soon to determine "what, if any", impacts Florence could have in those areas.

The much advertised weakening of Hurricane FLorence to a tropical storm occurred yesterday and last night as the stormed move into an area of hostile upper air winds. It eventually would make landfall in southern Florida. The track of this storm will influence our weather too.

Hubbard said so far this year, the Atlantic season has been fairly average, but it's been busier in the Pacific.

Over the course of the past few days, social media posts showed snapshots of forecast models showing doom and gloom forecasts of showing Florence making landfall at one spot or another.

It is increasingly hard to predict where a storm will track as the time period is extended and the National Hurricane Center has released its predictions for the storm up until Tuesday.

"The risk of other direct impacts associated with Florence along the U.S. East Coast next week has increased", according to the 11 a.m. NHC forecast discussion.

Hurricane Florence is still thousands of miles away from the coastline, but experts predict it might hit the east coast by late next week.

Tropical Storm Helene formed just west of Africa in the early morning hours of Saturday.