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Responding to a question about whether the harsh language that Trump and his top official have used about Iran might lead to war, Rouhani said Iran since the 1979 revolution "has been subjected to that type of language many times".

While the European Union shares United States concerns over Iran's ballistic missile programme and its regional interventions in the Middle East, it argues that such concerns fall outside the scope of the nuclear accord, a landmark achievement which must be preserved as there's no evidence that Tehran is violating its obligations. According to Trump they "do not respect their neighbors, the borders, or the sovereign rights of nations" and intend only "to enrich themselves and spread chaos throughout the Middle East and beyond".

Also defending the 2015 deal, which was endorsed in a Security Council resolution, British Prime Minister Teresa May said it "remains the best means of preventing Iran from developing a nuclear weapon".

Iran is also expected to be one the main issues in the address, focusing both on the future of the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal and the impact of USA sanctions on its economy.

Earlier this year, the Trump administration had withdrawn from the 2015 Iranian nuclear deal and reimposed a series of tough sanctions on Iran.

Further US measures targeting Iran's oil exports are set to be imposed on 5 November.

In a speech in NY to the USA advocacy group United Against a Nuclear Iran, Pompeo called the European Union plan "one of the most counterproductive measures imaginable for regional global peace and security".

Turning to Syria, Mr Trump assailed Russian Federation and Iran for backing President Bashar la-Assad in his brutal war in Syria, saying: "The Syrian regime's butchery is enabled by Russian Federation and Iran". And so companies have a choice to either do business in Iran or in the United States.

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Big European companies have already pulled out and Iranian oil exports have fallen sharply even before Nov 4 when the next round of sanctions come into effect.

Still, the US's global financial clout means Europe's efforts are unlikely to bear much fruit, according to Javier Solana, a former North Atlantic Treaty Organisation secretary general and European Union foreign envoy who was a long-time promoter of diplomacy with Iran.

Since then, the Trump administration has slapped a number of sanctions on Iran while vowing to apply more.

"Unfortunately the current disagreement over approach is not helpful and it is giving Iran a sort of lifeline and hope that it can skirt the various concerns that everyone has about Iran", Gargash said.

President Trump called on the rest of the world to isolate Iran and said a United States campaign of "economic pressure" would turn back "Iran's aggression", in his second address to the UN General Assembly.

They said in a joint statement that the so-called "Special Purpose Vehicle" will "assist and reassure economic operators pursuing legitimate business with Iran".

Iranian leaders had warned that they would leave the pact and resume uranium enrichment at higher levels than before the agreement if European countries fail to fulfil their end of the bargain.