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Her story comes on the heels of allegations by Christine Blasey Ford, a Northern California professor, who plans to testify Thursday before Congress that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when she was 15 at a party in Maryland, where they grew up.

"I have known Brett Kavanaugh for many years", Gerken had told Yale Law School News.

Protesters included about 100 Yale Law School students who oppose the confirmation of their alum.

The president spoke a day after a second allegation emerged against Kavanaugh, a development that further imperiled his nomination to the Supreme Court, forced the White House and Senate Republicans onto the defensive and fueled calls from Democrats to postpone further action on his confirmation.

"It's important that the silence that we are granting - retroactively, of course, Professor Hill - but also Dr. Blasey Ford and now Debbie Ramirez, be really powerfully embodied and that the people who occupy this institution on a daily basis experience what it's like for that silence to be suffusing their life", Peltz said.

So as an illegitimate administration goes to work attacking the credibility of a courageous woman recounting her assault, let's recognize the enormously cynical hypocrisy: The nominee they're desperate to protect is a calculated liar who uses dishonesty to advance his own career. They stressed the importance of Kavanaugh's appointment since he would be a deciding vote on women's rights in the future. And any denial of these accusations by Kavanaugh before the committee must be viewed in the context of his multiple earlier lies under oath to that same committee. Perhaps a more in-depth investigation can help answer the question and our political leaders can will themselves to conduct one fairly and thoroughly without delay.

The Post sought Tuesday to speak with more than 30 Yale Law School and Yale College graduates who signed letters in support of Kavanaugh last month. "I did not. That doesn't mean they're not true", Osler said.

But after a few days, she chose to talk to the magazine, which published her claim Sunday alleging Judge exposed himself to her after drinking with a group of friends in a suite on campus during their 1983-1984 school year.

One woman said she took a train from Boston on Sunday night to join protests on the Hill.

"For God sake, for all the boys and girls who have been assaulted over the years, for God sake, when will you stand up for the American people, for democracy?" the woman said, a plea to the senators on the Judiciary Committee, as a fellow protester put a hand on her shoulder. "Who is to say an allegation couldn't be leveled against you or me?" she said. "We are concerned about a rush to judgment that threatens both the integrity of the process and the public's confidence in the Court", the letter reads, calling for a probe of the allegations and "a fair and deliberate confirmation process". An editor's note said the two did not "did not wish to dispute Ramirez's claims". Ewing could not be reached for comment.