KXIP vs KKR Live Score

Alvarez was the aggressor through much of the first half of the fight, which presumably factored into earning a win by decision. Celebrities including actors Will Smith and Denzel Washington, and sports stars such as Mike Tyson and LeBron James sat ringside as the capacity 20,000 inside the arena were taken in by a bout in which neither man looked like capitulating at any stage. The rematch is sold out, but a lackluster promotion might make it more hard to sell as many pay-per-views as the two fighters did when they first met.

Golovkin, who fell to 38-1-1 after the loss, left the ring immediately to get eight stitches to a cut above his right eye.

All four judges gave "Canelo" four of the opening six rounds despite some of the more eye-catching work coming from Kazakhstan's Golovkin, who landed a notable left hook in the fourth.

His win ended Golovkin's undefeated recorded and 160-pound title defense at a division-record 20 matches. "I think we have to give him the credit rather than say what Gennady didn't do".

Golovkin deserves home court this time. With all that has taken place, I no longer envision a scenario where Canelo can improve on his previous performance.

Canelo has already flagged the possibility of a third fight and Golovkin added: "We would like to have a third fight, we will negotiate that, that's what we want". Well done to both Canelo and GGG. Sanchez falls into that way of thinking for me.

A year ago, Golovkin won the fight rather clearly but was victimized by the judges, and the fight was scored a draw.

'Some very close rounds that could have gone either way. Canelo's body work, sharp counters and punch output stole it for me.

"Canelo fought a great fight, congratulations".

He wasn't pleased with the scoring and felt he did enough to come away with the decision.

"It would be great to have a third fight, " Golovkin said.

Controversy will be generated.

Canelo stayed on his bike the first time around but this time fought fire-with-fire, planted his feet and stood his ground. Critics have once called him a cheater and many other words that are unfit to print. Despite several opportunities, he refused to get baited into criticizing the result, speaking through an interpreter. With the lure of big money in a third fight with Golovkin, the two could meet again in May for a trilogy that is rare in boxing these days.