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Aashiq Banaya Aapne actress and former Miss India Tanushree Dutta has accused veteran Bollywood actor Nana Patekar of harassment.

Tanushree also told, in hollywood, "Me too" campaign started only recently but 10 years back itself she open up on such behavior. And the producers called up the media to gain publicity from the whole situation. I know Nana Patekar wanted to do was an intimate sequence with me. She said that the incident led her to step back from the film industry. Elaborating on the incident she experienced with him on the sets of Horn OK Please, Tanushree added, "Post the incident on the sets of Horn OK Please, Nana Patekar called up this political party who has a reputation of lynching and causing damages on the sets". She says that she had been to the sets as a reporter on behalf of Aaj Tak to collect some behind the scenes stories and had encountered a visibly upset Tanushree, tensed choreographer and director in a heated up talk and halted shooting. "Everyone knows that he has a history of assaulting women and that is an unspoken truth in this industry", Tanushree told Zoom TV in an interview. Although people in the industry gossiped about her, nothing was said to Nana Patekar, the actress claimed. In the film industry, everybody knows that he is rude to women and has also beaten them on the sets.

She adds that the director and producer did not heed to her complaints.

Well, this sure is a shocking revelation about Nana Patekar, isn't it?

Shortly after, journalist Janice Sequeira who was present on the sets reportedly took to social media to share her version of the disdainful incident that took place nearly ten years ago. "It could have possibly been the first instance of a Bollywood actress calling out sexual predators, and her voice was silenced by more powerful men who continued to have flourishing careers". The actor also blamed him for beating and molesting women and female actors. She says that actors like Rajnikant and Khiladi Kumar to be sensitive enough not to work with him. Ten years ago, he had expressed surprise at the charges and said, "Tanushree is my daughter's age and I have no clue what made her say such things about me".

"If such big stars continue to work with these people, what hope is there for any movement to happen", she asked. "Top lead actress, the actor only casts".