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The Android rollout follows YouTube's dark mode coming to desktop previous year and iOS in March. The dark theme basically reverses the color of the YouTube app UI (user interface) by replacing the white background with black.

In March, YouTube revealed that it was releasing a dark mode for its mobile apps, starting with its iOS version. We think more app developers need to include a dark mode option in their apps. Roku and Android TV both have their apps set to a dark theme by default.

You can of course manually enable the dark theme and skip the rollout entirely providing you have root access. In fact, the same has already been available for iOS users though its good to seen Android too has now joined the party.

Some users are reporting that the official YouTube app on Android has mysteriously switched over to the dark theme.

Dark mode has been in the making for more than a year altogether.

If you aren't able to spot the new Dark Theme toggle, then you will have to keep looking for an update from the Google Play Store. YouTube has reported that it would start rolling dark mode for its Android application in its entirety. With this mode, users can expect to have a more comfortable viewing experience in low-light conditions.

However, the roll out for the new feature is not universal, meaning not all devices can now take advantage of it.

The setting to enable the dark mode, according to 9to5Google, can be found under Settings General Dark theme. The video streaming platform has also rolled out a new update which lets creators add hashtags in video titles and in the description to improve the search ability of their content.