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White House counsel Donald McGahn does not believe that he implicated President Donald Trump in any wrongdoing in extensive interviews he has given the special counsel, McGahn's attorney told Trump's legal team in recent days.

President Donald Trump went on another Twitter rant against special counsel Robert Mueller on Monday, tweeting that Mueller's team falsely accused him of colluding with Russian Federation and claiming that the team knows there is no collusion and is simply "looking for trouble".

Mr Dean, ex-president Richard Nixon's White House counsel and a frequent critic of Mr Trump, tweeted on Sunday that he doubts the president has "ANY IDEA what McGahn has told Mueller". The president immediately reacted Saturday evening, saying that it was he who allowed McGahn and others to be interviewed and ordered "millions" of pages of documents to be provided.

Echoing concerns of his top lawyer, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Trump poured cold water on the prospect of an interview with Mueller since, he said, it could land him in a "perjury trap".

The New York Times reported that the nickname came from McGahn's frustration with Trump's "volcanic anger" and frequent outbursts, citing several current and former White House officials.

McGahn reportedly has told investigators what he knew about the president's role in the firing of former FBI director James Comey, Trump's repeated criticism of Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his role in the Russian Federation investigation before the president hired outside counsel to deal with the matter, The Times reported, citing a dozen anonymous sources.

"It is not clear that Mr. Trump appreciates the extent to which Mr. McGahn has cooperated with the special counsel", Times reporters added.

In tweets over the weekend, Trump compared Mueller's investigation to the tactics employed by the late senator Joseph McCarthy, who alleged that communist agents and Soviet spies had infiltrated the US government, accusing some of treason without evidence.

"Where's the Collusion?" Trump wrote.

"Once the facts are known - if they're ever known - people are going to see if it's Watergate one way or another, be it Watergate with the president violating all sorts of laws or Watergate with the Central Intelligence Agency and the FBI tampering with the role of investigations", Berkovitz said.

"Truth is truth", said Chuck Todd during an episode of NBC's 'Meet the Press'. "They are a National Disgrace!" he wrote. He also said USA law gives him the right to direct the investigation, but he's chose to stay out of it.

Dean, now a CNN contributor and author, told Slate that he sees similarities between the Russian Federation investigation and Watergate. A past report has said McGahn threatened to resign rather than carry out an order by Trump to ask the Department of Justice to fire Mueller. "That's no good", Trump said.

McGahn initially began working with Mueller's team at the behest of Trump's original team of lawyers, the Times reported. "And his client is not Donald Trump; his client is the office of the president".

"I allowed him and all others to testify - I didn't have to", Trump said in a tweet.

"He just told the truth as he was required to".