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Rick Gates has finished three days' worth of dramatic testimony in federal court against his former business partner, ex-Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort - but not before defense lawyers caused a stir by pressing him for details on his past infidelity.

Prosecutors zeroed in on the loan fraud charges against Manafort, who faces 18 total counts of tax evasion and bank fraud and a maximum 305-year prison sentence if the Eastern Virginia jury finds him guilty.

She said even though she worked with Gates a lot, it was clear to her that Manafort "knew what was going on" in most instances. Downing later argued it was fair game because Gates had volunteered that he had one affair after being asked about his "secret life". "Or you have to keep those feelings to yourself, not manifest them".

"This robe doesn't make me any more than a human", he said, concluding, "Any criticism of counsel should be put aside - it doesn't have anything to do with this case". Although the charges largely pre-date the five months Manafort spent on Trump's campaign, he had made millions of dollars working for pro-Russian Ukrainian politicians.

The email exchange about Calk occurred after Manafort left the Trump campaign but while Gates was active on the Trump inauguration committee. Trump was indirectly referenced in multiple ways throughout the testimony, highlighting the risks to the president of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

Judge TS Ellis III called both legal teams to the bench for a private conference. "Did you provide false information or did you have a bad memory?" he asked.

In addition, Gates has admitted to other criminal conduct.

"I was critical of counsel ... for allowing an expert to remain in the courtroom", Judge Ellis said. Downing pressed him on the specifics of their business relationship: which payments to Gates were authorised and which were not.

On Tuesday, Downing asked how the jury could believe Gates "after all the lies you told and fraud you committed".

Mr Gates, who faced a bruising cross-examination, returned to the witness stand yesterday for additional questioning from a Manafort lawyer who accused the government's star witness of being immersed in "so many lies " he can't even remember them all.

He said if Ellis feels that negatively about the prosecution, then he should keep those feelings to himself or he shouldn't be on the case. "In reality, it was basically money moving between accounts", Gates said.

Gates, 46, has pleaded guilty to financial crimes and lying to investigators.

Gates, who pleaded guilty and is cooperating with Mueller's prosecutors, testified in federal court in Alexandria, Virginia, that he helped Manafort falsify documents and move millions of dollars from offshore accounts that were hidden from US tax authorities.

In several instances, Manafort signed documents to open accounts, and a copy of his passport was found in the files, she said.

Gates answered affirmatively. When Downing went to ask another question, the prosecution objected.

In detailed testimony this week, Gates has walked prosecutors through the step-by-step process on how he and Manafort doctored and backdated documents. "But Mr. Manafort was a longtime client of the firm, and I didn't think I should do that".

HuffPost Illustration/Getty Images Paul Manafort.

Government lawyers have previously referred to Yanukovych as Manafort's "golden goose". Melinda James, a Citizens Bank mortgage loan assistant, testified that Manafort had told the bank that the property would be used as a second residence, but she found it listed as a rental on a real estate website.

When an individual sets up an entity in Cyprus, Gates explained, their name does not appear on any of the paperwork. Andres said it was crucial to help jurors understand the flow of Manafort's money.

As Manafort came under pressure to pay his bills, he was forced to seek loans, the court heard.