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Google has officially rolled out confidential mode for Gmail in the Android and iOS apps.

But now the feature has made its way to mobile with both Android and iOS apps receiving an update.

The feature is enabled when you click the button for a new email.

In addition, Confidential Mode will let you set a password for viewing documents, that way only those with the password can view them.

In case you want to renew the access, head over to sent emails, open that email, and tap on renew access, and the user will once again be able to view the content. But Gmail users today can use the new update to protect their messages instead of following in the grumpy footsteps of the cartoon cop. Senders can also do things like set expiration dates for messages so recipients will no longer have access to them. Of course, the feature is only available in the latest iteration of Gmail and is now limited to mobile devices, meaning it won't be accessible for those using the "classic Gmail" layout in a browser.

Tap on the three-dot-menu in the top right corner and then tap on Confidential mode. If you choose " No SMS passcode", those using the Gmail app will be able to open your message/attachment directly, while those who don't have a Gmail account will get emailed a passcode.

Once this is done, attach the file that you want, and send the email to the recipient. Another minor downside might be if you don't check your email a lot, and then the message expires before you've seen it.

Open the mail sent via Confidential mode, scroll down to the bottom of the screen. However, users should still keep in mind that Gmail can not stop the users from screenshotting the mail.