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The latter bit was a direct appeal to gamers and Epic Games' partnership with Samsung will not go down with Google.

Fortnite, the year's hottest video game, is finally making its way to Android devices. So now when you will search for the keywords such as "Fortnite", "Fortnite Mobile" or "Fortnite Battle Royal" on Google Play app on Android, it'll show you a message - "Fortnite Battle Royal by Epic Games, Inc is not available on Google Play".

This stands in contrast to the iOS version of Fortnite, which is available to download right from Apple's App Store. Epic has to share 30 percent of those purchases made on iOS devices with Apple due to the terms of the App Store. This comes via a message displayed in the search results on the Play Store where searching for "Fortnite" will see the message above displayed, informing users that Fortnite Battle Royale is not available via Google Play.

While this move will make Epic Games more money than otherwise, it will also set up a risky precedent for Google.

Fortnite for Android beta is now available, but not on the Play Store. On top of that, only owners of certain Samsung smartphones were able to play the game at launch. This is likely to deter developers from creating apps with the word "Fortnite" in the title to take advantage of the confusion over the release. But the same message does not appear on the web version of Google Play as yet. Perhaps the developer intends to profit from the first early wave of adopters, which will be massive given the time users have waited for the game to arrive on Android. The web Play Store does not have this feature, though.