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Multiple sources familiar with the "Omarosa tapes" described the recorded conversations between Trump and Manigault as anodyne, everyday chatter, but said they did appear to feature Trump's voice, either over the phone or in-person.

"I protected myself because this is a White House where everybody lies; the president lies to the American people, [the press secretary] Sarah Huckabee stands in front of the country and lies every day".

Ms Newman, whose tell-all book about her White House tenure is to be released tomorrow, left the administration in December.

"She's on a different level", a senior White House official said.

Trump on Saturday called Manigault Newman a "lowlife".

The staffer said she witnessed Manigault Newman being verbally abusive to junior level staffers several times.

"It's come to my attention over the last few months that there's been some pretty, in my opinion, significant integrity issues related to you", Kelly is heard saying, citing her use of government vehicles and "money issues and other things" that he compares to offences that could lead to a court martial in the military.

Kelly responded, "We can, we can talk another time. And he's accusing me of integrity violations?"

"The president lies to the American people".

The White House Situation Room is supposed to be a top-security room and electronic devices are banned there, but it was not immediately clear whether Manigault Newman would face legal ramifications for releasing the recording.

In the book, she paints Trump as scattered, self-absorbed, misogynistic and insecure.

All of this comes as Newman spruiks her new book, which is the latest in an ever-growing string of White House officials offering their own written accounts after leaving the administration. "She's a low life".

Conway said "that is not what was offered" to Newman. I wanted to see the best in him. "I'm wondering is, if she was able to do that, were they not able to do the same?" Reporters were called to the White House to watch her perform a re-enactment, and the photos of her performing a tremendous stretch, which she supposedly held for five minutes, were rejected as implausible.

NBC showed the agreement on air, which included a strict non-disparagement agreement that would have prevented Manigault Newman from demeaning or disparaging Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, the campaign, their families and businesses.

Other than by media osmosis, I have no idea who Omarosa Manigault Newman is. The famous room, which is located behind a locked door in the basement of the West Wing of the White House, is known to be the most secure and technologically advanced places in the US government so for Omarosa's firing to be done in the room indicates those involved wanted it to be under wraps.

"You have a reasonable expectation of confidentiality and privacy in your conversations at your place of work", Conway said. Ronna McDaniel, head of the Republican committee chair, tweeted.

The recording of Kelly in the situation room could prove problematic for Omarosa, as she may breached security protocol, the Post notes.