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Musk told Olanoff that he found it unusual that Unsworth has not sued him, adding that Unsworth was even offered "free legal services".

"Your dedication to facts and truth would have been wonderful if applied to that time when you called someone a pedo", posted Drew Olanoff.

Musk has since apologised for making the baseless claim, adding that he had said it out of anger. "Sorry pedo guy, you really did ask for it".

Musk deleted the "pedo" tweets and eventually apologized for the posts after the incident caused major headaches for the CEO.

On Tuesday, Musk suggested via Twitter that it was unusual Unsworth hadn't sued him yet and asked a Twitter user who brought up the matter why he hadn't investigated it.

When contacted by Sky News about the renewed controversy, Unsworth said, "It's all being dealt with, that's all I can say".

The SEC already had been investigating whether Musk's vehicle production forecasts may have misled investors before the regulator started scrutinizing whether he had secured funding for a Tesla buyout, Bloomberg News reported on August 9. Nearly as if Elon was implying "don't you think if the things I wrote weren't true, he would have brought a legal challenge against me?"

Mr Musk, however, has denied his use of the app was a distraction. "Most of my time is spent. going round the [Tesla] factory. and if I'm not here I'm at the Giga [battery] factory in Nevada".

And there it remained until Tuesday when, amid a Twitter discussion about an interview earlier this month with The New York Times during which the reporters wrote that Musk was driven to tears.

Just days after hastily abandoning a short-lived exploration of taking Tesla Inc. private, Elon Musk returned to Twitter to showcase the impulsiveness that has raised the eyebrows of investors and regulators alike lately.

But one leadership expert suggested some of Mr Musk's behaviour was unacceptable.

Nelson, the founder of Seattle female-focused co-working space The Riveter, knew that if she cried at work or in public while representing her company, she would face the criticism often lobbed at women when they cry: that they are weak, not a leader, can't keep it together.

"But there can be a lack of humility that comes with being involved with big tech".

"But one way or the other, it's not the way you'd expect a person with that degree of power and responsibility to behave".