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Donald Trump has issued the latest barb in his spat with National Basketball Association star LeBron James, responding to an interview the basketballer did with CNN in which he accused the United States president of trying to divide the country along racial lines. A few days later, James proclaimed he wouldn't let Trump divide the nation through sports, saying "the people run this country, not one individual".

Trump seemed to take issue with some of James' comments.

He suggested that since James no longer resides or represents a swing state in OH and has moved to the state of California which is essentially a lost cause, Trump can say what he feels.

James - who had been on CNN to discuss the new school he opened last week in his hometown of Akron, Ohio - had yet to respond to Trump's dig early Saturday, but he has clapped back at the president in the past.

"Sports has never been something that divides people", Mr. James said.

The bad blood seemingly stems from when James called the president a "bum" after he retracted an invite for the Golden State Warriors to the White House, evem though they had already declined.

- Matt Barnes (@Matt_NBC4) August 4, 2018LeBron puts children through school.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on August 3 to totally diss LeBron James in a tweet that slammed his interview with Don Lemon and implied that he wasn't smart.

Donald Trump's tweets are so relentlessly incoherent and offensive, they all start blending together like a racist, sexist Vitamix of bad takes.

In 2013, Mr Trump tweeted: "Lebron is a great player and a great guy!" Others online noted the school for at-risk kids James opened up just this week.

"Who's the real dummy?", the CNN anchor tweeted Saturday. It may be a reference to Michael Jordan, the NBA Hall-of-Famer whose legacy James is endlessly compared with. One person who was apparently up late watching it: President Trump.

The President ended his tweet with the seemingly unrelated exclamation of "I like Mike!" I know why. Some of y'all need to start believing what he is showing you.