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The statement urges the United States to take concrete actions in line with the WTO rules and drop the "wrong practices" so that normal trade can be restored.

China on Tuesday launched the World Trade Organization (WTO) dispute settlement procedure over us safeguard measures on imported photovoltaic products and subsidies for its renewable energy products, the Ministry of Commerce said.

In response, South Korea, one of USA major sources of washing machine imports, said it will "actively respond to US trade protectionism".

The USTR accused China of using state incentives, subsidies and tariffs to increase production and said manufacturers had evaded US tariffs by repeatedly shifting production to new countries. In order to protect its trade interests, China has deemed necessary to resort to the WTO dispute settlement mechanism.

On May 22, the WTO said Japan, Russia and Turkey warned the United States of retaliatory measures for its steel and aluminum tariffs.

On June 5, Mexico imposed taxes - with immediate effect - on USA steel and aluminum, pork belly, as well as a range of other agricultural products. On the same day, Turkey's imposition of tariffs on 266.5 million dollars of USA goods took effect.

Washington announced in January that it was imposing what it called safeguard tariffs over four years - with a 30 percent tariff in the first year reduced gradually to 15 percent in year four.

Following that, Washington imposed its first round of 25 tariffs on $34 billion of Chinese goods on July 6 in response to complains Beijing steals or pressures foreign companies to hand over technology.

China lodged its challenge at the WTO on Tuesday, the statement said. There is division and confusion over how China should respond to Trump, with some arguing that Beijing should strike back at American interests but others saying they didn't know what could be done.