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According to the Chicago Tribune, the shootings resulted in 63 people wounded and 11 killed.

Chicago Police chief of patrol Fred Waller told a press conference Sunday afternoon some of the shootings were "targeted" and related to gang conflicts. "This isn't a widespread issue among citizens of this city".

But according to Waller, shootings were down 30 per cent from 2017 and murders decreased by 25 per cent. WATCH: Mayor Emanuel, Supt.

The high volume of patients caused a local hospital to be placed on a trauma lockdown, with only the victim's immediate family members allowed in the emergency room.

Emanuel and Johnson say the weekend shootings were concentrated in just a few neighborhoods on Chicago's West and South Sides, in areas where street gangs are entrenched.

He called on Chicago residents to hold themselves accountable to fight the violence as they do the police, the mayor and the city council.

"I promise we will not be defeated", Waller said. "And it might get worse because you can hear people talking about revenge, saying on their cell phones 'I know know who did it. They get a pass from everybody". In one shooting in the Gresham neighborhood, eight people were wounded, police said. If you have 25 people being shot in a little over two hours we're talking about a violence rate that might not be matched in a war zone. In that span, 28 were wounded and three died. Before the weekend's surge, they credited it with declines in homicides and shootings from a year ago. A 32-year-old man was shot twice in the arm and a 33-year-old man was shot in the hip.

A man wipes his eyes outside the Stroger Hospital in Chicago, after leaving the emergency room due to overwhelming crowds of family and friends of shooting victims August 5, 2018. A 26-year-old man suffered a graze wound to the hand and thigh and is hospitalized at Stroger Hospital in stable condition. Police say gang violence is mostly to blame, with shooters taking advantage of large gatherings in the summer weather to inflict the most casualties.

"It's no secret that we had an unacceptably violent weekend", Police Superintendent Eddie T. Johnson said.

Scenes like these unfolded over and over again in Chicago over the course of a long, exceptionally violent weekend in a city that has recently seen some progress in reducing shootings and gun deaths. "I think some of our more challenging, communities, it's just imperative that police and the community work together to reduce this gun violence", Superintendent Johnson said.

McCarthy was responding to earlier tweets by Giuliani in which he blamed a wave of deadly shootings in Chicago over the weekend on what he called decades of "one party Democratic rule". Giuliani subsequently tweeted his support for McCarthy with the correct spelling.