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An orange-hued 20-foot tall "Trump Baby", clutching a mobile phone and sporting a giant diaper, took flight over Britain's Houses of Parliament for two hours on Friday morning, kicking off a day of widespread protests against the USA leader's controversial visit to the UK.

The president will also be paying a visit to Windsor Castle where he and first lady Melania Trump will have tea with Queen Elizabeth II.

Once the Trumps arrived they were greeted with a smile from the queen, so whether she was upset about the wait-time or not, she hid it.

Next, the President and Queen inspected the front rank of the Guard of Honour, while the first lady remained on the dais.

We may never know if Trump was actually late, or if the queen has a habit of checking her watch, but we should point out that it's interesting how no other members of the royal family appeared at the visit with the USA president.

Mr Trump also displayed hand movements of "suppressed dominance" as he tried to steer the Queen. "The feeling inside the palace is that Trump's disrespectful mistakes with the queen were bad and inexcusable".

The US president had earlier praised the Queen as a "tremendous woman".

Donald Trump reportedly kept Queen Elizabeth II waiting during a visit at Windsor Castle.

Trump said May could not now walk away from negotiations with Brussels "because if she walks away she's stuck".

The Queen's tea for the Trumps was due to last 25 minutes according to the White House's schedule, the last part of their official visit. He did, however, refer to her as "Your Majesty", which is the correct formal address for the Queen upon first reference.

Another commented: "I am appalled that there wasn't a bow from D Trump or a curtsy from Melania".

"I think whenever his detractors go after him, it makes him double down and it actually encourages him to keep going and prove everybody wrong", she said.

"I think he just didn't quite know what he was supposed to be doing and probably wondered where she had got to at that moment". You don't see, like, anything embarrassing.

"My mother loved the queen".

Although Trump was apparently happy to meet with the matriarch, many in the United Kingdom were not. She probably went the opposite way.