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Known as the "Ultra" plan, it offers 4K Ultra High Definition resolution and supports High Dynamic Range settings as well.

Images grabbed from the website show that there are at least two possibilities being considered for the new tier, which would cost €16.99 - $16.99 in the US if the current pricing scheme is maintained.

The trial, first revealed online by an Italian blog called TuttoAndroid, is now being advertised to some potential customers across Europe, alongside the Basic ($7.99) Standard ($10.99) and Premium ($13.99) tiers. It sure is, but Netflix is reportedly testing a new tier that is pricier than the current Premium tier. And yes, that would suggest that Premium users would be downgraded to using two devices at once rather than four. Some people who were now subscribed to the Basic, Standard and Premium plans were unaffected.

At present, the Premium tier, which is priced at £9.99 per month in the United Kingdom, allows for viewing on up to four screens at once, plus gives access to 4K HDR content - in Dolby Vision too if your TV supports it.

If you followed the news out of CES closely this year, you probably heard the word HDR tossed around a lot.

So what do you get with the new high-end plan?

Standard is now €10.99 and Base €7.99. Should Premium users want to increase this back up to four, they'll have to opt for the more expensive Ultra tier, which has all of Premium's other benefits including 4K playback. A company spokesperson was quoted as saying, "In this case, we are testing slightly different price points and features to better understand how consumers value Netflix". In 2017 we'll see TVs for under $700 with the feature, and fancy monitors for over $1300.

The Ultra plan option may not be implemented broadly and, at the testing stage, not all users will automatically see it as an option. So what more do you get for this extra money?