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The US leader had already threatened to impose tariffs on cars imported from the European Union, in response to the bloc's retaliatory tariffs last week on popular US products including jeans, bourbon and motorcycles.

Trump, however, has repeatedly defended his position, criticizing the European Union, Canada, and China on trade both during the Fox interview and at a recent rally in SC, where Trump went as far as to declare the United States the "piggybank" other nations like to take from.

The EU has threatened the USA with countermeasures worth $294 billion if the Trump administration imposes further tariffs on European cars as a result of the ongoing investigation into whether they pose a possible threat to national security.

The Trump administration has made aggressive use of tariffs to address what it sees as trade imbalances with other countries.

Starting on Monday, the campaign focuses on tariffs being issued by China, Canada, Mexico, and the European Union.

President Donald Trump has boldly declared that trade wars are easy to win.

Tariffs our government has placed on American goods are now in effect, in response to levies the Trump administration has placed on Canadian products. On Friday, Canada struck back at United States steel and aluminium tariffs, vowing to impose punitive measures on US$12.6 billion (S$17.23 billion) worth of American goods until Washington relents.

The documents submitted to the Commerce Department also said that tariffs on cars and vehicle parts could undermine auto production in the United States by creating higher costs for US manufacturers. It calculated that a 25% tariff would slash an initial $13-14 billion off United States gross domestic product, with no predicted improvements to its own incomes.

"By implementing tariffs, you generally raise consumer prices on imported goods", says Yu. The EU had calculated that a 25% tariff would have an initial US$13-14 billion negative impact on USA gross domestic product with no improvement to its current account balance.

Those measures have drawn retaliatory tariffs on billions of dollars of U.S. exports from major trading partners including China, the European Union, Canada and Mexico. The state has about 1.2 million jobs supported by the trades.

The US tariff on Chinese goods is threatening jobs at the Moog synthesiser company. China is expected to strike back with tariffs on a similar amount of USA exports.

"I think the European Union - we're going to be meeting with them fairly soon", Trump said.

Retaliation for his tariffs came swiftly.

In a letter to USA authorities, the European Commission, which handles trade policy for the bloc's 28 members, painted a stark picture of what the United States economy would face if Trump followed through on his threat. "[Jordan is] a great guy ... so it's sad for me to hear that he's denying knowing about" the allegations against Dr. Richard Strauss, said Dunyasha Yetts, who wrestled at the school between 1993 and 1994 and claims he personally told Jordan about the alleged abuse.