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The sequel to the 2008 smash "Mamma Mia!".

Vehicles for ABBA's songs, the films perfectly reflect the music: guileless, emotionally raw and unabashedly cheesy, wrapped in miles and miles of colorful synthetic fabric.

It was reported by The Sun that Cher told her co-stars: 'I was terrified when I first arrived on set, partly because everyone had been working together already, and partly because my character wasn't very liked'. Here We Go Again with ex Dominic Cooper, has explained that they actually do mind. "I mean, she steals the movie!"

The return opens the door to her learning about her mother's past, and the film bounces back and forth in time, detailing the love affairs and adventures that preceded the young Donna bringing up Sophia and running a guesthouse. Not only is it the first time the three-time Oscar victor has appeared in a sequel to one of her films, it's also the first time she's reunited on screen with former Silkwood co-star Cher. I know too much about the Oscars and Oprah.

"After I did 'Fernando, ' I thought it would be really fun to do an album of Abba songs, so I did", Cher said on the NBC television daytime show "Today". She said it's "sweet" that her husband, with whom she shares a daughter born the month they married, was concerned.

In Parker's hands, the sequel is far more grounded and melodramatic, lacking some of the rambunctious pop and fizz Lloyd brought to "Mamma Mia", the cinematic equivalent of trucker speed.

"That doesn't make any difference", said Cher in an interview with People.

The addition of Cher as Streep's impeccably coiffed mother is a masterstroke. Here We Go Again out in cinemas starting July 18.

"We've stayed friends all these years".