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Her eight-month sentence was the result of a plea deal.

Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi is welcomed by relatives and supporters after she was released from an Israeli prison, at Nabi Saleh village in the occupied West Bank July 29, 2018.

"The popular and peaceful style of struggle that Ahed Tamimi and her village and nearby villages have been practicing, proves to the world that our people will remain steadfast in this land, defending it no matter how much needs to be sacrificed", he said.

Since 2009, residents of Nabi Salah have staged regular anti-occupation protests that often ended with stone-throwing clashes.

"Ahed Tamimi has been released, but only after serving an unjust sentence based on the ridiculous premise that she posed a threat to armed and heavily protected soldiers", said Saleh Higazi.

According to Palestinian officials on Saturday, the two Italian artists and a Palestinian who was accompanying them were detained while they were working on a painting on the controversial Israeli separation barrier in Bethlehem in the West Bank. Ahed Tamimi is famous across Palestine and the Arab world for videos of her, since her childhood, defiantly resisting Israeli soldiers who clash with Palestinians in her village almost every week.

An Israeli police spokesman did not return a call for comment. Since her arrest, a number of her family members have also been detained.

"Ahed Tamimi's release must not obscure the familiar and continuing story of the Israeli military using discriminatory policies to lock up Palestinian children". Her mother Nariman was also released on Sunday.

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Slamming a recent law passed by the Israeli parliament, which only gives the right to self-determination to Jewish people, the Palestinian activist said in a televised interview in the West Bank that the new law was "a racist apartheid law". They were driven by bus to the West Bank and were given a hero's welcome in Nabi Saleh. Palestinian inmates typically organize study courses to complete high school and even university degrees.

"I will continue my university tuition and I will study law so that I can address the cause of my country in all of the global forums and to be able to represent the prisoners' cause", Tamimi said.

She said her prison experience was tough, and that she missed her old life in the village and her friends.

At one point Sunday, Ahed received a call from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who congratulated her on her release, said her father.

Ahed Tamimi confronted the soldiers amid a demonstration in the small village of Nabi Saleh against US President Donald Trump's decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. She was arrested at her home four days later, in the middle of the night.

Palestinians want the West Bank for a future state, along with East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip. Some 300 minors are now being held, according to Palestinian figures.

Israeli Cabinet minister Uri Ariel told The Associated Press that he thinks Israel should respond more strictly. "Israel should treat harshly those who hit its soldiers", he told the wire service. "Lack of deterrence leads to the reality we see now. we must change that".