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Other fans sitting nearby tweeted the guy got a ball for the kid before the televised incident, and also gave two more foul balls away to kids sitting next to his wife.

The good news? Javier Baez ultimately provided the young fan an autographed ball after realizing what happened.

"I spoke with people from the Cubs".

Kids are our future, so we have to give them baseballs.

The Chicago Cubs gave a signed baseball to a child after social media became outraged over the perceived wrongdoing of an adult fan, but the cameras only captured part of the story.

A man was filmed laughing and clapping after snatching a baseball a coach threw to a little boy at a game.

Chicago Cubs' Javier Baez saved the day for one heartbroken youngster after they saw off St Louis Cardinals.

According to users on Twitter, along with local radio host David Kaplan, the same man helped the kid get a ball a few innings earlier. "All is well. Guy is A-OK so let it go people".

"The whole world is calling this guy the most evil guy in the world for being a ball thief", said Chuck Mycoff. "The fact of the matter is, he got balls for three kids".

"Unfortunately, a video that was quickly posted and unverified has made a national villain out of an innocent man who was attending his first Cubs game to celebrate his wedding anniversary".