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Now the sniffer dog has a price on her head as the leader of the most powerful drug cartel in the country wants her stopped. Investigators uncovered the threat against Sombra through an intercepted phone call.

This is the story of a drug dog with a bounty on its head.

He also confirmed a criminal organisation placed a price on the dog's life of 200 million Colombian pesos, equating to AU$93,380. Officers also credit her incredible nose with more than 245 drug-related arrests at two of Colombia's biggest global airports.

Led by Dario Antonio Usuga, who goes by the name of "Otoniel", the clan is considered one of the most ambitious and ruthless gangs in the country.

Sombra, surrounded by an extra cadre of bodyguards, is now working in Colombia's airports, where she has proven to be every bit as effective.

Her usual handler Jose Rojas told Colombian News Agency RCN Sombra's "sense of smell is far beyond that of other dogs".

In response to the threats, Sombra was relocated from the port city of Turbo in northern Colombia to Bogota's El Dorado International Airport, where police hope that distance from the group's stronghold will keep her safe.

On a typical day, Sombra is up by 6 a.m. and shuttled from a kennel to work at El Dorado airport inspecting packages and cargo.

Sombra, which means Shadow in English, has sniffed out record amounts of illegal drugs in the Urabá region, which traffickers use to access the sea.

As reported by the Guardian, the problem is due to the increased output of coca, the ingredient of cocaine.

Colombian pure cocaine production also increased by 19 per cent from 772 tonnes in 2016 to 921 tonnes in 2017. The dog, a German Shepherd named Sombra, found around 10 tons of cocaine that belonged to the gang, which was seized by police and obviously cost them a lot of money.