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That would be binding precedent of the court. That's because the justice he would be replacing was already a reliable vote for management in major decisions.

A product of the Republican legal establishment in Washington, Kavanaugh is a former law clerk for retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy.

I refer, of course, to the time of Richard Nixon, the Watergate break-in, investigations and prosecutions, and the revelation of the existence of dozens of secretly taped Oval Office conversations among the president and his henchmen.

"Are you ready for a fight?" progressive darling Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) bellowed as a crowd outside the Supreme Court chanted his name, echoing his 2016 campaign's themes of American oligarchy. The vote was 8-0.

Others took a more cautiously hopeful tone, with Live Action president Lila Rose simply "encourag [ing] Brett Kavanaugh to uphold the Constitution and support the most basic human right - the right to life - for all people". That sounds grandiose, but it's how a lot of us saw the decision - a shining moment of judicial integrity and independence amid the sleaze and corruption of Watergate.

Some conservatives lobbied against him, worrying that his upbringing in the suburbs of D.C. could mean he'll be the kind of justice who has disappointed conservatives before. Four other justices had been named to the court by Republican presidents, the remaining three by Democrats.

"He had fully 12 different opinions that were adopted by the United States Supreme Court", Pence said. Jeff Flake of Arizona said of the article: "Frankly that was back when Obama was president, so if someone was trying to draw a line about him being easy on Trump that's not there".

After endorsing Trump choice Neil Gorsuch previous year, Cashman is at it again, this time backing Brett Kavanaugh. Others have seen an even deeper ulterior motive in the choice of a man who is seen as a Bush loyalist, a fact that should have put off Trump: Kavanaugh sees the USA presidency as such a unique and challenging job that he believes the White House occupant should be shielded from indictment, prosecution, or interrogation while in office.

"He's Trump's Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card", Cardin says. While President Trump has made his loyalty to corporations and disdain for women and minorities known over the past 18 months, the confirmation of a justice who shares his loyalties will leave a permanent imbalance on the court and could erode the rights of millions. "Trump saw Kavanaugh as his Get-Out-of-Jail Free card, and he saw that it was too good to pass up".

She said that with Kavanaugh's credentials, "it's very hard for anyone to tell me that he's not qualified for the job". The president's job is hard enough as is.

President Donald Trump may relish his status as an outsider, but Kavanaugh is anything but.

But it wasn't just Kavanuagh who the left was prepared to protest: It was all of the president's anticipated justice picks. "But I believe that the President should be excused from some of the burdens of ordinary citizenship while serving in office".

She told the audience, simply, that she wanted to be able to show her grandchildren and great-grandchildren explicit words where the U.S. constitution granted women equality as in later-written constitutions, and that now those words did not exist. "He's clearly qualified for the job", said the Maine Republican. One of their hopes is to win governor's mansions this fall (see my in-need-of-an-update Top 10 governor's races here), and then be in a position to veto maps drawn by still-Republican-controlled legislatures, and then at least force those maps to go to courts, which have ruled in favor of Democrats lately.

Legal watchdog Fix the Court, represented by American Oversight, filed complaints in federal court Tuesday to seek documents from Kavanaugh's previous government service - including his work on Special Counsel Kenneth Starr's team in the 1990s that investigated President Bill Clinton, and his time as White House staff secretary from 2003 to 2006 under President George W. Bush.