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The United States and North Korea have been in a technical state of war for decades after the eruption of the 1950-1953 Korean War, which pitted U.S. -led U.N. troops backing Seoul against Pyongyang's forces that were aided by China.

When the South Koreans visited Washington to relay the invitation in March, Trump accepted on the spot.

Ri Chun Hee, North Korea's best-known anchor, delivered news of the summit taking place on Korean Central Television on Monday. "That would be a very smart move on Kim Jong Un's part, to undermine anything that Trump could throw at him", Gibson says.

North Korea said Kim Jong Un and President Donald Trump will discuss "denuclearization" and "durable peace" on the Korean peninsula during their upcoming summit.

The official did not rule out the possibility that additional activities could be added to tomorrow's schedule, beyond the two planned meetings with Kim, ABC News' Jordyn Phelps reports.

Plans for the meeting almost foundered after Trump abruptly withdrew in May, citing North Korea's "open hostility" during negotiations.

In response to a question from VOA News just before heading to Asia from the Group of Seven summit in Canada, Trump said "I really feel confident" about the unprecedented encounter between a sitting American president and a member of the family dynasty which has maintained iron-fist control over one of the world's most reclusive countries for three generations. We all want diplomacy to succeed. "Anyone involved in rallies would be arrested", said Choi Kang, vice president of Seoul's Asan Institute for Policy Studies.

Japan has not been engaging with North Korea itself and is counting on the United States to represent its interests - including Pyongyang's missiles with ranges that can hit Japan and North Korea's abduction of Japanese citizens in the 1970s and 1980s.

The foreign minister of Singapore tweeted out a picture of the cake presented to Trump at the luncheon today in Singapore.

What would be a successful or unsuccessful summit depends on who's asked.

Analysts are skeptical that Kim would agree to relinquish his nuclear weapons, but according to former USA national foreign policy advisor and North Korea expert Dr. Victor Cha, the optics of the June 12 summit are likely to be good.

Fifth, photo opportunities must be encouraged, not dismissed.

"The entire world is watching the historic summit between [North Korea] and the United States of America, and thanks to your honest efforts. we were able to complete the preparations for the historic summit", Kim told Lee through an interpreter.

But in the lead up to the historic summit, several analysts have pointed out that the Trump administration doesn't have a clear plan for how it will approach the discussions, and that both sides of the negotiating table have very different ideas about what "denuclearization" means.

"I would not translate directly what he said, because it would be too aggressive" she says.

Even after touching down in Singapore, it was clear that the trade disputes with USA allies in Quebec continued to rankle Trump.

Previous agreements with the North have subsequently collapsed and experts warn Kim is highly unlikely to give up the "treasured sword" of his nuclear deterrent. And then they can drag this out.

"If the summit becomes a success, the Singaporean efforts will go down in history", Kim said. It will certainly be an exciting day and I know that Kim Jong-un will work very hard to do something that has rarely been done before.