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As the world leaders met and shook hands at the Capella Hotel the whole world stopped and took notice.

The video then goes on to show Trump and Kim as two leaders of vision and destiny intercut with sometimes random clips of, for example, a basketball player making a slam dunk or white horses running through a stream.

Following the meeting, the two leaders attended an expanded bilateral meeting in the presence of key aides.

Generally, meetings between top leaderships of countries that have been too incompatible with each other are preceded by comprehensive confidence-building measures.

The video was part of an overall pitch that reaching a deal between the US and North Korea would help North Korea advance technologically and economically - including, Trump suggested, some real estate development. This makes the scope for misinterpretation even higher.

"I think he (Kim) loved it".

The document indicates the leaders will work toward establishment of "new US-Democratic People's Rrepublic of Korea relations".

As per the Guardian, amid the handshakes and photo ops, Trump spoke of the "very comprehensive" agreement that would "take care of a very big and very unsafe problem for the world".

Sitting across from Trump at a small side table, Kim told the United States president through a translator: "It was not easy to get here".

"On Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, Mr Trump introduced the video as "'A Story of Opportunity' that I shared with Kim Jong Un at the #SingaporeSummit".

Trump was asked a question about the video at the press conference, during which he said he commissioned the video as a way to sell peace to Kim. "We will meet many times".

A Gallup Korea poll conducted on some 1,200 South Korean adults from May 29 to 31 showed that 32 percent of South Koreans approve of Trump, while Kim gained a 31 percent approval rating. "I could see Trump giving up a lot for very little in return".

Vice-minister of DPRK Foreign Affairs Choe Son Hui also criticized Bolton and U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, in a statement which prompted President Trump to briefly call off the meeting. "I said look at that view".