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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's wife, Sara Netanyahu, is charged with fraud and breach of trust over her ordering of food for private meals from pricey restaurants.

Suspicions included the misuse of almost $100,000 in official funds for meals supplied by gourmet restaurants to the prime minister's residence in Jerusalem, the ministry said in statement.

Sara Netanyahu is charged with misusing 359,000 shekels ($100,000; £77,000) for catering services at the prime minister's official residence. Regulations forbid ordering prepared food when a cook is employed at the residence.

The indictment, slated to be presented in May, was delayed after it emerged that Nir Hefetz, a former close adviser to the Netanyahu family, had provided new evidence against Netanyahu.

Israel's attorney general is now reviewing the police recommendations and is expected to decide whether to indict Netanyahu in the coming months. Although Hefetz is primarily a state's witness against the prime minister in Case 4000, known as the Bezeq-Walla! The indictment follows unsuccessful attempts to settle the matter outside court, with Sara Netanyahu refusing to pay back the amount she used for the meals and admit the allegations against her.

"They're dealing with the most important things in the world", he told supporters at a rally, "the procedure for replacing a light bulb, trays of food, the cup of tea that was served to her father, a righteous man, on his deathbed". "There was no fraud or breach of trust or any offense".

The prime minister, who himself is embroiled in a series of corruption investigations, has called the allegations against his wife absurd and unfounded.

This is not the first time a financial scandal is coming out of the residence of an Israeli Prime Minister.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also faces several police investigations into alleged corruption.

In another, investigators suspect the premier of trying to reach an agreement with the owner of Yediot Aharonot, a top Israeli newspaper, for more favourable coverage.

Israeli media reported a year ago that Sara Netanyahu was expected to be indicted.