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In a video of the pulse-pounding rescue, Mannino is seen jumping out of his vehicle to get the child.

Officers later learned that the child "escaped his mother's watchful eye" and left his home, according to police.

A police officer is receiving nationwide praise after his department released dashcam video showing him save a toddler who was running unattended along a busy highway. The Naperville, Illinois Police Department awarded Mannino for his life-saving actions.

The dashcam footage shows Sgt. Anthony Mannino stop his patrol auto on the right side of a busy highway, just behind where the young boy is running.

A Naperville Police office rescued a toddler alone on a busy road in Naperville, Ill., May 2018.

He told CBS 2 that at first he thought he spotted a stray dog.

"I have twin boys, and there's not a day that goes by where something bad happens, you always think of your own kids", Mannino said.

"Come here!" Mannino shouts as he runs and catches up to the little boy.