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It can be noted that Xbox One will soon have Gears of War 5, which seems to focus on the narrative a bit more.

It's beginning to look a lot like E3 as the gaming world is getting into the spirit and the first big announcements are starting to roll in. Well, the E3 doors may not have opened to the public yet, but after that presentation, this could well be the case. For the sake of gaming as a whole, I hope they do. It was a phenomenal year for single player games on those consoles and that is only naming a select few of those titles.

Halo Infinite is described as Master Chief's greatest adventure yet to save humanity. It also saw Microsoft throw down the gauntlet to Sony, Nintendo, and the other publishers taking to E3's stages over the next week. The game releases with special enhancements for Xbox One X. Revealed in the worst possibly way in an infamously awful conference, it's been an uphill battle for Microsoft to make any ground up on Sony and the PlayStation 4. The game launched with a number of race types, including drift, rally, and more standard, point-to-point races.

However, Microsoft didn't rely on multiplatform games this time around. This means that games produced by these studios will in the future be exclusive to the Xbox brand.

The new game in the Halo series was revealed with a trailer, although sadly no gameplay footage was shown. The last Battletoads title was 1994's Battletoads Arcade; a pretty standard beat-'em-up that reportedly didn't do that well at arcades but is considered to be a pretty fun title by series fans. We'll have more information for you soon, so stay tuned. The studio is led by gaming entrepreneur Jeff Strain, who previously worked at big firm Blizzard Entertainment and co-founded Bellevue game developer ArenaNet.

At its E3 event, Microsoft shined a spotlight on upcoming Xbox One games from third-party publishers.