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Google on Monday, June 18, U.S. time, announced that it was officially launching new features for Android Messages including the highly-requested support for web browsers. Then head over to messages.android.com and scan the QR code using the Android Messages app.

Android Messages for Web will be rolled out for Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge with users being prompted with desktop notifications every time they receive a message.

As rumored recently, Android Messages is finally coming to the web, letting users send text messages from the comfort of their web browser instead of reaching out for their phone. Google has announced that the rollout procedure has started and will be available to all users by next week.

Next, open the Android Messages app on the mobile phone.

To get started texting on your computer, pull up the Android Messages website on your desktop.

How to Activate Messages for Web Service? I can tell you that I haven't seen an update, but most of these features are already in my Android Messages app, just not the web connectivity.

In addition to this, the company also stated how to search for and send gif files using the app. To check the version, Android users can check this link.

The option to scan a barcode and connect your phone to a desktop is now not available for many users, but I am sure it won't be long before you can do that. "Smart Replies will be available in English for now, and come to more languages over time", Google said in a blog. However, it will provide a great user experience to users. Moreover, Google Allo failed to make a bigger impact and this strategy is aimed at reviving their position in the field of messaging. Lastly, Android Messages gets a much-anticipated feature which is the ability to copy One Time Passwords (OTP) with a single tap upon receiving a message on Android. Once you click on one of the suggested responses, the message is automatically sent, saving users from the headache of typing a message out and sending it as a whole.