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Following the reveal at E3 2018, CD Projekt Red sent in a press release with a lot of juicy information about Cyberpunk 2077.

CD Projekt Red has shed some more light on Cyberpunk 2077 through sharing some new screenshots and details about the game.

Cyberpunk 2077 is "absolutely an RPG first, shooter second", with "Borderlands-style" combat that sees "numbers pop out of enemies when you shoot them". V has an apartment and can have one-night stands - CD Projekt Red was keen to point out that it is very much an adult game.

Considering the identical cyberpunk settings of both Deus Ex and Cyberpunk itself, players can likely expect big criminal conspiracies, hacking computers, gunplay, and being able to explore the streets of Night City through your own "eyes".

Game Noir - With its mature approach to storytelling, Cyberpunk 2077 adopts elements of noir cinema and inserts them into the future of video games. You "evolve the class you want to be as you play instead of picking a role". Power weapons were described as more "traditional weapons that you would have nowadays", such as high-impact guns.

In Cyberpunk 2077, player exploration will only be gated by their "street cred", a number that determines which areas you'll have access to, among other things. Unlike Geralt in CD Projekt Red's best known game, The Witcher 3, V is entirely user-definable: you can make the character male or female, and customise their appearance extensively. They've released a new set of screenshots from the game, which you can check out below.

Exploration is encouraged. The goal is for you to not only engage with the game world, but with its inhabitants. It was first teased back in 2013.

Being an RPG, it shares some basic similarities with The Witcher, namely the ability to comb the open-world for side quests by chatting with NPCs. And though much of the gameplay is still under wraps, details are starting to trickle out here and there. You can also mod weapons and, by using drugs, augment yourself. This, as the company stresses, is what is being sold, and what players will be purchasing at launch.