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Salvini showed no sign Saturday of softening his position.

The bald Vice-President is one who is coordinating by Spanish executive all global contacts to solve crisis of Aquarius case, both with leaders of Italian government who did not want to assume immigrants detected in ir Waters as with or nations, as is case of France, which has been offered from first moment to collaborate to maximum with Spain.

"We are happy that this is being covered because it is a symbol of (the fate of other migrant ships)".

"These people could not be left adrift in the Mediterranean, where they would face death", she told Spanish radio Cope.

Minster Magdalena Valerio tells Spanish radio Cope that the European Union "must recognize that it needs an immigration policy these times require".

The passengers are made up of 450 adult men and 80 women - including at least seven pregnant women -- as well as 11 under-13s and 89 adolescents, according to figures released by authorities in Valencia.

After Spain invited the Aquarius to dock, Italy sent the Dattilo and Orione to help transport the migrants.

Hundreds suffer injuries every year when they try to get onto European soil from Morocco. The passengers came from a series of rescues in recent days, including ones carried out by cargo ships that the Rome-based coordination center asked to aid migrant boats in distress. I took the decision that they can not come in because it was not our responsibility.

Valencia's Mayor Joan Ribo, who has offered the ship a safe berth, described Italy's decision to turn the vessel away as inhuman.

The people spent nearly a week at sea after being rescued from inflatable boats off the coast of Libya.

Salvini, who has emerged as the most outspoken member of Italy's two-week-old government, said on Facebook that two other foreign NGO ships, the Lifeline and the Seefuchs, were off the coast of Libya waiting to pick up migrants abandoned by human traffickers.

"France will accept migrants who express the wish to go there". Italy and Malta had denied entry to the Aquarius last weekend before Spain stepped in to offer them a safe harbor.

Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte says Italy is working on a proposal for a "radical paradigm change" in the way Europe manages migration that focuses on the countries of migrants' origin and transit.

Spain has accepted the French government's offer to take in those migrants who want to go to France "once they have fulfilled the protocols established for their arrival". Country leaders are expected to discuss the policies surrounding the issue at their European Council meeting June 28-29.

The ship was held for two days between Malta and the Italian island of Sicily after the latter nation's Interior Minister, Matteo Salvini, refused to allow it to dock.

The warmer weather has caused a spike in migrants taking off from North Africa for Europe.

The rescue service says Friday's fog is cramping rescuers' efforts to locate three more boats in the Alboran Sea, east of the Strait of Gibraltar.

Muscat said that since previous year, crossing across the Mediteranean have decreased by 78 per cent from European Union efforts addressing the issue at source. Under current EU rules, they have to seek asylum in the first European country they arrive in.