KXIP vs KKR Live Score

In the 73rd minute, Yuya Osako netted the victor against Colombia by a header to give Japan their first win of the 2018 world cup.

Russia's victory was predicted by the "psychic" cat Achilles, who also predicted Russia's win in the World Cup opening game.

Probably still on a high following a historic victory, they made a decision to clean up after themselves in the stadium.

After all, Senegal secured an unlikely 2-1 victory over Poland shortly after Japan toppled Colombia by the same score in two separate Group H matches on Tuesday.

At 42, Cisse, who played for Birmingham City and Portsmouth as well as several French clubs before becoming a coach, is the youngest manager in the World Cup.

"We are not too euphoric because we do know there is going to be a hard match against Japan", Senegal coach Aliou Cisse said. The lessons in life we can take from the game.

As reported by Chris Wright of ESPN FC, both sets of fans temporarily paused their celebrations after opening wins to pick up litter in the seats around them.

"Nigeria had one of the best African squads ever at the 1994 World Cup".

"I think it's a wonderful thing that the World Cup brings so many nations and people together and get to learn and exchange these kinds of things", Japan-based football journalist Scott McIntyre told the BBC.

And then Senegal fans, after their Lions upset Poland, 2-1, followed suit. Both are campaigning at the ongoing world cup in Russian Federation and both have won their opening matches.

While gathering waste after a sporting event is customary in Japan, the spectators' actions came as a shock to football fans from other countries.